The Mother Church of Trumbull


Dear Parishioners:

Bishop Caggiano has asked each parish in the diocese to post the most recent budgetary numbers in order facilitate important transparency as of Sunday, December 3, 2023.  Below please find the diocesan template filled out for our parish up through June 30th, 2023.  As with any summary, questions undoubtedly occur and some information can easily be misunderstood without detailed explanation. If any further questions, please contact Fr. Gannon at the rectory, or our Finance Committee chairman Jack Talley through the rectory as well.

During the difficult past three years a few budgetary expenses were cut or seriously reduced to maintain the important need for the yearly offertory income to keep our budget in the black. However, we have also been incredibly blessed by a wonderful rebound in our offertory.  We remain extraordinarily grateful to so many parishioners who through their sacrifice and wonderful generosity keep our parish in stable financial health. We are blessed with so many wonderful families here at St. Theresa’s; I can never thank you all enough for your tremendous love and commitment to our beloved parish.

God love you! Fr. Brian Gannon