The Mother Church of Trumbull


Bereavement Group Meetings
Our Bereavement Ministry conducts a six-week bereavement program, both in the Fall and
Spring. It is designed to help mourners maneuver through the many Grief & Loss Emotions felt
during this emotional journey.
Our program will assist you by:
 Increasing your faith in God,
 Renew your interest in Sacraments,
 Find joy in Christ,
 Learn more about the effects of grief on your:
Social; Physiological; Psychological and Spiritual Health.
Because no two people grieve in the same way, we incorporate: New Day: A Journey from Grief
to Healing, in order to work with others, once step at a time, to achieve a sense of peace.
Please contact:
Susan O’Connor, MA, LPC, NCC, Bereavement Leader and Clinical Counselor & Therapist
203-450-6349 or
Or the Rectory: 203-261-3676