The Mother Church of Trumbull


Donating a Mass, candle offering, sanctuary arrangement, or enrollment in the Book of Remembrance is a thoughtful tribute to honor the memory of loved one, or commemorate a special occasion. Please our Parish Office.

Please Note: Each year, it is moving to see so many people come to the Rectory office to schedule Mass intentions for their loved ones. Out of a desire for compassion and justice and to give some opportunity to everyone, we limit the maximum number of masses to 12 with 4 masses per individual. Thank you for your understanding as we seek to accommodate as many grieving families as possible.

2024 Individual Mass (2023 Masses have been booked)

Community Mass available for this year (celebrated at 8am Mass every 2nd Sunday)

Mission Mass  available for this year

Adoration Candle

Sanctuary Candle

Altar Candles

Sanctuary Flowers

Donations: Mass Cards $10, Adoration Candles $10, Sanctuary Lamp $10, Altar Candle $15, Sanctuary Arrangements $35 each, Book of Remembrance $25