The Mother Church of Trumbull









We are very excited to be able to commemorate our Lord’s sacrifice once again with everyone! 

We have been blessed with many great parishioners.  We especially thank our trustee Don Epifano for the incredible setup in the parking lot: two flatbed trucks with a storage container on top that will serve as our sanctuary where the altar is. We presently have nearly thirty volunteers to assist, many of whom are our Knights of Columbus and Sons of St. Joseph; we are very grateful! 

Check our website for the latest updates. 

God bless, 

Father Gannon



CONFIGURED PARKING: Parking lot will be set up with cones & horses to direct cars into artificial lanes. We optimized configuration for 100+ cars to attend Mass while following directives of the diocese.  As the priest will be walking through the lot, there is no need for handicap parking.


IN CASE OF URGENT NEED DURING MASS: In all cases of MEDICAL EMERGENCY call 911 first, otherwise, turn on your hazard lights, roll down window (face mask on) & signal a volunteer, who if necessary will assist you in exiting.


TO REGISTERCall the Parish Office Mon-Fri 9AM-4PM. Please do not leave voice mail. You must connect with us & accept the terms of the attached disclaimer to reserve spot. Priority is given to registered parishioners. Masses for now will be reserved on a week-to-week basis.


NO RESERVATION (STANDBY VISITORS):  Volunteers will check your reservation upon arrival. Standbys will be directed to park behind the school and assigned a number; when Mass begins those on standby will be invited to fill any empty spots. Standby visitors must also accept terms of attached disclaimer.


AUDIO: Tune into 90.9 FM upon arrival to hear the full broadcast of the Mass. If you have an older car, please run it intermittently to preserve the battery. 


RESTROOM: We are required to close the church during outdoor Mass. THERE IS NO ACCESS TO PUBLIC RESTROOMS.


SCHEDULE: Outdoor Masses are Saturday 4:30pm and Sunday 10am & 12 noon. 


ARRIVAL: Circular entrance to the Church will be closed. Traffic must enter through Rosemond Terrace & Main Street, or Rosemond Terrace from Plumb St. Arrive 20 minutes early for Mass. Anticipate additional time to organize parking. Volunteers will guide you. Thank you in advance for your patience.


FACE MASKS: Face masks that cover both the nose and mouth are required for the faithful in all public worship except for those who attend Mass in their parked car and do not exit the vehicle for the reception of Holy Communion. Use of a face mask is not required by any person who by using it, will act contrary to his or her health or safety due to a medical condition.


OFFERTORY: The offertory collection will take place at during starting announcements.


HOLY COMMUNION: If communion is distributed, listen carefully for the priest’s instructions. Diocesan directives dictate a maximum of 50 people outside their cars at once. If exiting your car face mask are required. Volunteers will direct occupants of vehicles when to exit. The priest will come, from a 6 foot distance say Body of Christ, the communicant responds Amen and steps forward to receive.  Just before receiving Holy Communion, remove the mask and accept the Eucharist by hand. Those who wish to receive on the tongue will be instructed to receive at the end and instructed when/how to come forward. The Priests will follow the guidelines on sanitizing during distribution by hand or tongue. Visitors may also choose to remain in their vehicles and participate in a Spiritual Communion, particularly those in a high-risk category.


EXITING AFTER MASS:  Please DO NOT BEGIN TO EXIT WITHOUT A SIGNAL from volunteers. Because of the parking dynamic, please await signals from volunteers to exit immediately following Mass. There will be one exit for cars towards the back, and one for cars more up front. 


FOR THE HOMEBOUND: We will Livestream Saturday 4:30PM Vigil Mass & Sunday (indoor) 9:00AM. Dispensation from Sunday Obligation remains in place, if you are experiencing any illness, or have been around someone who is ill in the last 14 days, please do not attend in person. Follow CDC recommendations. You will receive many graces doing a spiritual communion.





St. Theresa, Trumbull is pleased to be able to offer public worship again. The parish is taking precautions per the CDC and Governor Lamont’s recommendations regarding public gatherings, as well as our own precautions we feel are prudent under the circumstances. We look forward to welcoming you and your family back to Mass, but please understand there are risks involved in attending a public worship in a pandemic despite all of the precautions taken by the parish and diocese. We ask your cooperation with all of the directives that have been put in place for your safety and the safety of our clergy and your fellow worshippers.



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