The Mother Church of Trumbull

Week of 5/27/2018

This weekend we commemorate the incredible sacrifice of so many soldiers of all the 

wars in our nations’ past. What makes it especially poignant is that these wars were 

fought to preserve and protect freedom, the many freedoms we enjoy that so many 

millions and even billions in world history never could. We live in freedom today precisely

because very young soldiers went to war and sacrificed their lives for future generations.

Especially the freedom of religion, where we are protected to not only worship as we

please, but also preserve our faith but not being coerced to act contrary to it. The 

Quakers and the Amish are respected whereas they can achieve conscientious objector

status in the military; laws respect the absolute seal on confession in Catholic sacramental

confession, though there have been attempts, even here in Connecticut, to override that

seal. To that end, all Catholic priests understand that the law of God always overrules any

such possibility. 


It is amazing to consider the amount of religious persecution in the world that we do not hear 

much about. In China in many places it is illegal to attend Mass; one must join the “patriotic 

Catholic Church” in order to worship. Bullets can fly when someone sneaks out to go to Mass. 

Such is also the case in many Islamic countries including Saudi Arabia, where a visible cross 

on oneself is illegal. 


When we contemplate such stark truths in the world today, we realize that many things that 

seem to upset us are nothing compared to the trials and sacrifices of so many to ensure our 

fundamental freedoms. As I once walked across the massive and immaculately kept cemetery 

in Normandy, containing over 10,000 graves, I could only be awestruck and prayerful at the rows

and rows of perfectly lined up graves, crowned by crosses or a Star of David. These of course 

are all purchased by taxpayer money and are the least we can do for the soldier who made the 

ultimate sacrifice. 


This is why it becomes so sobering as we had experienced the multiple lawsuits launched by 

many Catholic dioceses and colleges against the former Obama administration for trying to 

force virtually all employers (including the Catholic Church) to pay for intrinsically (meaning always)

evil acts including direct (different from indirect) sterilization, abortions and abortifacients, and 

contraceptives. As proven, if one really desires such things, they are readily and cheaply available,

though they will never lead one to true peace; only that which correlates to God’s wisdom can 

heal us and save us. Fortunately, the new administration is seeking to accommodate conscience

clauses; we pray this continues. 

The government seems to think the only freedom is to privately worship, and that it can redefine

what is good and evil and decide that the Catholic Church must accept its modernist definition.

Thus we must pray very hard, and keep at the congressional representatives to know that 

religious liberty is at the heart of America. Amazingly, the day these unprecedented lawsuits 

were launched, there was nothing on the national news at ABC, NBC, and but a few seconds 

on CBS. The more a culture marginalizes God and redefines good and evil, the more it encourages

citizens to lower respect for each other and God. But with God, ironically, children only become 

better citizens.


Save the dates: Our parish picnic rockets directly after the 12noon Mass on Sunday, June 10th.

Hamburgers, hot dogs and sausages, as well as amazing desserts! Rides for children! Face 

painting! Corpus Christi procession at noon on Sunday, June 3rd; with our Sons of St. Joseph

providing an great lunch in gym afterwards!! Also, please sign up for our fabulous Bible Camp; see

inside the bulletin for details. 

God love you, 

Fr. Brian Gannon


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