The Mother Church of Trumbull

Week of 4/1/2018

A Blessed Easter to all! Easter Sunday exists only because the God man Jesus

Christ, who suffered a  horrific death, is now enfleshed in a glorified body and reveals

to us that death is not the end, nor is a life of sin bereft of hope.


The human heart craves hope desperately. Different cultures have contrived different religions

in order to answer the heart’s deepest desire for security and hope of a life without sorrow, suffering

or death. What makes Christianity so radical is that the Founder is God in human flesh who never

uses His power for personal comfort, but instead only to reveal through suffering that Divine Love

conquers all.


This ignites the deeper question: if God died horrifically on the cross and rose from the dead for me,

what does He expect of me? If He went through that, then He must expect great things of me. And

He does.


God is the source of all good, love, and beauty. Nothing He does could ever lack love or beauty.

Thus, the suffering on the Cross that opens the gates of heaven is the only path to true love and

beauty. Christ’s sacrifice is not a guarantee that I go to heaven; instead it becomes the template

for how I must act in order to get there. The Cross defines what Real Love is, and it is not the fuzzy

feelings our culture says it is. When one loves as Christ does, with self-denial and total self-giving,

one finds the path to true beauty and peace. To get to heaven requires a firm commitment to

Christ. To show genuine gratitude to God means heartfelt commitment that is reflected in concrete



First, the Holy Eucharist and the Mass. By worshipping God (Keep Holy the Sabbath) weekly

means we receive a stunning gift of spiritual fortification in the Eucharist. It gives the soul strength

that science could never measure. The Eucharist is God; if we truly believed this as do the saints,

the churches would be packed every weekend. Deeper union with God through the Eucharist

means greater love in the family, and greater spiritual protection for children from the evils of this



Confession is another powerful gift from the Crucified Christ. It cleanses the soul and gives us

uniquely powerful grace. The “Our Father” reminds us that we are sinners and must confess; the

effects of confession only brings about greater sensitivity to sin, greater desire for virtue, increased

presence of Christ in the home. For children to see their parents go to confession is to give children

a crucial, stunning gift of loving example. The grace of confession strengthens families; the lack of

confession only deprives them of incredible peace and strength. God is waiting to heal us!


Family prayer is imperative: children are dramatically formed when they see their mother and father

at home on their knees before a crucifix praying. This is the most powerful lesson parents can give

their children; that authentic love and happiness is found only in following the wisdom and love of

Almighty God. Come back to Mass each week, and watch how God takes our commitment and

transforms us into stronger, more courageous and compassionate disciples. Only when God’s holy

grace is our first goal does a family gain greater strength against evil and greater harmony in authentic


Please note that our annual Easter Egg hunt is next Sunday right after the 9am Mass in the gym.

All families are welcome! Special thanks to our great Pro-life Committee for organizing this great

event, and to our great Knights of Columbus who will be cooking up egg and cheese sandwiches

and much more!

God love you,

Fr. Brian Gannon


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