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Week of 2/4/2018

[the alarming fascination of the entertainment industry with the occult and sexual immorality requires constant vigilance; I will reprint with modification a column from several years ago] Last Sunday’s (2014) Grammy awards show caused a huge stir. Even the now former quarterback of the Alabama Crimson Tide tweeted, “Is it just me or are some of the Grammy performances so far seem to be really demonic?? Looks like there is a lot of evil in the world…” He was mocked by a CBS reporter. But… what did he see?

There was a Beyoncé performance of “drunk in love” (not quite Christ centered) which drew many comments over her very immodest dress and gyrations; the term soft porn was used often to describe it. Then there was the former Christian artist Katy Perry dressed up as a witch, with a huge red cross on her chest, surrounded by dancers dressed as eerie dark figures spinning around, while at the end of the song she is “burned” at the stake. FYI: Google the lyrics of her song E.T.; they are quite creepy and every parent should know. One young Christian songstress walked out of the Grammy’s.

What gives? The music industry has been fascinated with the occult for years; see Madonna and her sacrilegious use of rosary beads and dancing between burning crosses back in the 1980’s. We all know the power music has over people; its amazing ability to dramatically influence moods, to its ability to touch the soul. But the Grammy’s indicates something all parents need to be gravely aware of; that some music today is promoting a spiritual darkness that cannot lead to Christ.
Deuteronomy chapter 18 has Moses declaring: When you come into the land which the LORD, your God, is giving you, you shall not learn to imitate the abominations of the nations there. Let there not be found among you anyone who causes their son or daughter to pass through the fire, or practices divination, or is a soothsayer, augur, or sorcerer, or who casts spells, consults ghosts and spirits, or seeks oracles from the dead. Anyone who does such things is an abomination to the LORD, and because of such abominations the LORD, your God, is dispossessing them before you. God clearly warns against the occult. We are not to invoke or even play games with the supernatural world; it will bring evil.

This becomes a clear warning of the omnipresent reality of the occult. Ouija boards, TV shows that focus on witches, the fascination with vampires, even making them heroic, represent bizarre twists. But what it really represents is that deep down inside the human soul is an inexorable instinct for the supernatural. If it turns away from Christ, it will turn towards other spiritual realities. Man thirsts for something greater than himself, and the devil is certainly ready to accommodate. That is why the Church is attacked so often; it is the devil’s biggest enemy in the world. It is no coincidence that extreme sexual immorality many times grows from occult participation; it is an easy way to entice people to further reject Christ. Occult practice is related to ancient pagan fertility cults. However, one good confession after any amount of evil shatters years of demonic work and brings a soul lovingly back to the compassionate embrace of Christ.

This is why Christ has given us the incredible gift of the Church; a visible source of His grace in the world. That the supernatural thirst that man has can only be satiated by the intense prayer and the sacraments offered by God. Man craves spiritual life, and he will seek it out one way or another. To guard against the rising flirtation with the occult, we must be vigilant and bring our children devoutly to Christ. I implore every family in our parish: please pray a daily rosary as the Virgin Mary has asked; it will strengthen the family and help protect our children from evil. Please bring the family to our 24hour adoration chapel: the great antidote to curiosity about evil is the Divine peace and love of Jesus Christ.

God love you,

Fr. Brian Gannon


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