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Week of 1/28/2018

This past week was the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court decision that federally mandated legalized abortion throughout the United States. A whole class of human beings suddenly lost all their human rights, in one fell swoop, on the opinion of 7 judges in Washington D.C. It was a terrible day in our nation’s history: several judges and a media culture declared themselves wiser than God.

We must remember that the legal foundations for abortion remain not only immoral but defy common sense. How? First, we are dealing with the simple fact that whether a day after conception or 8 months, the life in the womb is human; he/she has a beating heart at 14 days after conception, brain waves by 40 days, and absorbing oxygen and nourishment from the mother all throughout. The “prochoice” argument collapses when cornered with the question, is it human life in the womb?

If they say “no,” they defy science. If they say “yes, but it does not have full human development yet,” then this begs a simple question: if any human life can be denied human rights in the womb because of lack of “development” then what about outside the womb? What is “lack of development?” The same rationale is used for those at the end of life and in euthanasia. It begins the rapid slippery slope that all human life is subject to “developmental inspection” before the government decides who is worthy of rights and who is not.

In his 2008 presidential campaign, then candidate Obama was asked a simple but great question: when does a baby acquire human rights? He was at first flip: “that’s above my pay grade.” His subsequent answer was a nonanswer but very telling: that’s for the scientists and the theologians. But, only politicians can make laws to protect human rights. Scientists and theologians write on truths about nature and life, but only politicians can make laws that derive from those truths. It is fundamental to our philosophy of government that we are to protect the rights of the weakest and voiceless; yet we do not. Now that we have an administration strongly committed to prolife issues, we must pray that government institutions, especially schools, will begin to teach the truth about human life at conception. The proabortion march in Washington last week indicates that many are stilled beguiled by false arguments about freedom. We must pray and lovingly witness to life unceasingly.

Since the Declaration of Independence explicitly acknowledges that all human rights come from God, it can never be the role of government or judges to deny them. As Martin Luther King Jr. said, “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” A perfect example of this is the enormous number of women who suffer from postabortion syndrome; because in crisis they did something the culture said would solve their problem, when it only left them with a deep scar. God passionately seeks these women to forgive and heal; if you know someone who suffers from such difficulty please encourage them to seek God’s love and hope in confession and programs like Rachel’s Vineyard to help heal these women. But, we must educate so many youths so they do not fall into that trap with all the despair and pain that accompanies it.

In the end, we must pray diligently for the continued prolife commitment of the President, a bigger Supreme Court conversion, and many leaders in Congress. If they do not protect the weakest, then they inflict grave injustice. Let us pray for their conversion or being replaced by prolife leaders. Let’s even more fervently apply with great beauty and change of heart the words of Christ at the Last Judgment: “What ever you did to the least of these, you did unto Me.”

Special thanks for last weeks Celebrate Life Mass as sponsored by our great Pro life committee, which does tremendous work with unwed mothers and supporting prolife clinics! Special thanks also to our Prolife committee and our Knights of Columbus who sponsored a busload of St. Theresa parishioners to Washington for the March for life; and David Janny in particular for organizing our trip! Hundreds of thousands, no vulgarities, or anger; just a mammoth crowd in love with God and spreading a culture of life and love!

God love you,

Fr. Brian Gannon


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